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Digital Strategy

We believe in customised strategies, building from the middle and providing blueprint roadmaps our customers can follow like a satnav, allowing adjustment as the journey ahead may change, but delivering the end vision. 

Our Team have deep insights into the foundations needed operationally by the NHS as well as rich understanding of next gen technologies such as AI and how new pathways can be pioneered.

Convergence Strategies

As Government policy changes, ICBs are formed our team can assist understanding & documenting requirements and setting the most appropriate path with greatest value for money to convergence systems and data across health and care settings.

Smart Hospitals Consultancy

Digital Health Software and Medical Devices are key to efficient effective care, However the maturity, ease and cost of implementation is often a barrier to delivering the promise of Connected Smart Hospitals.

The Future of Health is connected care, our team can assist with roadmaps and solutions for both Suppliers and Health providers to achieve evergreen Smart Hospitals.

Smart Wearables Implementation

Care at home is essential for modern Hospitals and care providers.

Our team have experience in designing digitally enabled remote care utilising cutting edge wearables, health sensors, smart phone enabled AI and Patient Portals to enable patients with longterm conditions to stay healthy longer and manage their condition at home.

Artificial Intelligence Pathways

Our Team are natural innovators, with multiple first of type implementations and AI designed pathways to enable faster pathways of some of the most urgent conditions.  Cutting Cancer diagnosis pathways from months to weeks, and enabling Smart Ambulance pathways for expediated diagnosis and both medical and surgical interventions

Improvement Science Coaching

Our Team are trained in a range of improvement science methodologies.  We will work alongside and in partnership with your organisation to embed an improvement science culture and enable innovation unlocking ‘The Art of The Possible’.

Neil of Synergy has deep expertise in the NHS and Digital Health, committed to applied innovation. An incredible partner and key to our company success story.

CEO, Med Tech Company

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